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Infinito's Restaurant Night 2/17 4-9pm
Basket Raffle & Movie Night 2/22
Color Me Fun Run 3/30
  • Novembe17th: School Store
  • November 21st-25th: No School for Students

Infinito's Restaurant Night

222 Schuylkill Rd.

February 17th 4pm to 9pm

Infinito's is an All You Care To Eat pizza, pasta, salad, and dessert buffet.

They will give Brooke Home & School $1 for every dine-in buffet purchased. All you have to do is tell the cashier you are with Brooke Elementary. 

DEAL ALERT!!!  Every student who attends this Restaurant Night will be given 1 free Basket Raffle ticket which will be held on February 22nd.  Bring cash/check to purchase pre-sale Basket Raffle tickets during this Restaurant Night. Pre-sale tickets are half-price!

Please tell your family and friends to join us on 2/17 from 4-9pm!

  1. Basket Raffle and Movie Night

  2. Friday, February 22

    • ­Bring cash/check to purchase pre-sale Basket Raffle tickets to our Infinitio's Restaurant Night on February 17th from 4-9pm.

    • Pre-sale tickets are half-price! What a deal!

    • Please note: pre-sale ticket order forms will NOT be sent home this year.


    • PRE-SALE TICKET PRICING: $5 for 25 tickets or $10 for 60 tickets (HALF-PRICE!)

    • NIGHT OF EVENT TICKET PRICING: $10 for 25 tickets or $20 for 60 ticket

Any questions, please email Brooke Home & School –

Cash or checks* accepted. Please make checks payable to ‘Brooke Home and School’.

*Any returned checks will be subject to a $20 return fee.
On this website you will find information for all school activities/fundraisers, including a schedule of events calendar. 

If you would like more information or are interested in volunteering with our organization, please contact Karen Faix or Krista Bean.  


1. To enhance communication between the families, teachers and staff at Brooke.

2. To support our teachers and to enrich our students' educational experience.

3. To increase community interest in the education processes that happen at Brooke.

4. To provide funding for the children to participate in assemblies, family activity nights, student field trips, free reading books and other needs of the school and children that are not provided in the school budget.

Brooke Elementary Home & School Association

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