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❗️Attention all Brooke parents❗️

Please go to to create and/or verify your account ASAP!
Doing so will allow…

��your child to be in and receive the Brooke student directory. This will make it super easy for your child to connect with friends and for you to contact other parents. ***Remember to select your child’s current teacher so he/she is in the correct class directory.***

��your child will receive the correct T-shirt size. Please think ahead and select a size ��you think he/she will fit into come spring.

��you will receive the “Brooke Buzz” which is the Home & School weekly email. This important email includes school happenings and volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

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    Any questions, please email Brooke Home & School –

    Please make any checks payable to ‘Brooke Home and School’.

    *Any returned checks will be subject to a $20 return fee.
    On this website you will find information for all school activities/fundraisers, including a schedule of events calendar. 

    If you would like more information or are interested in volunteering with our organization, please contact us at


    1. To enhance communication between the families, teachers and staff at Brooke.

    2. To support our teachers and to enrich our students' educational experience.

    3. To increase community interest in the education processes that happen at Brooke.

    4. To provide funding for the children to participate in assemblies, family activity nights, student field trips, free reading books and other needs of the school and children that are not provided in the school budget.

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